Cone Beam CT X-Ray

2D X-Ray Image:
3D Cone Beam Images:
What's the difference between a cone beam x-ray (CBCT) and a regular x-ray?


Regular x-rays can only provide a two-dimensional look at hard tissues, like bone and teeth, and can be distorted. Cone beam CT x-rays use a special kind of technology that allows them to produce detailed three-dimensional images of soft tissues, nerve paths, dental structures, and bone in a single scan. The cone beam x-ray is able to capture a lot more information by taking hundreds of distinct photos as it rotates around a patient’s head. The focused x-ray beam that is emitted from the machine reduces scatter radiation, resulting in higher image quality. With the hundreds of images taken and put together to form a 3D image, the already minimal distortions from the individual images are almost completely eliminated, giving us an incredibly clear view of what’s going on under the surface.


How will our cone beam x-ray help you?


The impeccable image that this machine provides helps us see exactly where your teeth, bones, and other tissues are located, giving us a better idea of the dental shifts that might occur in the future that could affect the treatment options that we recommend today. This new, cutting-edge technology allows us to be better able to analyze the information we have about our patients and provide more precise treatment planning, particularly when it comes to endodontic issues.

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