Periodontal Treatment

Crown Lengthening is one procedure that corrects an uneven gum line, or even a “gummy smile” where a person has excessive gum tissue making their teeth appear very short.


Here, extra gum tissue and sometimes bone can be reduced and/or reshaped to reveal more of the natural tooth for a more normal and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The new, sculpted gumline results in a much improved smile.


Gum graft (soft tissue) surgery is another effective way to gain some coverage of exposed roots that can make teeth appear longer. This procedure can reduce gum recession and prevent further decay and tooth loss. Another possible alternative is Scaling & Root Planing also called Deep Cleaning. It is a non-surgical periodontal therapy where the periodontist removes the etiologic agents - dental plaque, its products, and calculus - which cause inflammation that can severely affect your teeth and bone in your mouth.