Esthetic Gingival Recontouring

(or Crown Lengthening Procedure)

Sometimes when teeth are erupting through the gums, they stop erupting too soon, and when the person smiles, this makes their teeth appear short. This is known as having a “gummy smile”. Also, some people have excessive gingival enlargement (hyperplasia), and in both cases, Crown Lengthening treatment may involve just removing (recontouring) some of the excessive gum tissue, giving it a more normal look, or in some cases, minor bone recontouring, just under the gum, is needed for the result to be longer lasting and aesthetic as well. This treatment makes the previously short looking teeth now look longer and more normal.


If a tooth (or part of a tooth) fractures near or below the gumline, or if decay extends below the gum, then Crown Lengthening surgery is helpful to uncover the fractured (or decayed) part of the tooth and expose enough of it in order for their general dentist to then be able to fix/restore the tooth with a filling or crown, without having to place the restorative material too far under the gum and too near the bone, which would result in inflammation, discomfort, and eventually loss of the tooth.


If after Orthodontic treatment is complete, and if you notice excessive gum tissue and short appearing teeth, then this is another reason that esthetic (recontouring) Crown Lengthening is indicated.