Certain medications can cause gum tissue to grow excessively, or inflammation from gum disease can lead to puffy, overgrown gums. In some cases, the bone that surrounds each tooth is too close to the crowns of the teeth and the overlying gum tissue can cover too much of the tooth.


Any of these reasons can cause thick, excess gum tissue that can make your teeth appear short and give you a “gummy” smile.

A gingivectomy can be done to reduce the excess gum tissue and expose more of your teeth to create a natural, more proportional smile. Removing excess gum tissue can also help the health of your gums and teeth by allowing for adequate cleanability.

Dr. Spencer will perform your gingivectomy in the comfort of our office under local anesthetic. Gum tissue is removed with a scalpel and typically stitches are not needed. Generally the gums heal within 2 - 3 weeks. .